Sunday, October 23, 2011


FINALLY!! So, after insurance battles and corporate BS I am finally scheduled for surgery!! Tuesday, October 25th 2011!

Now I know it has been a while but hey, I'm a busy lady...kinda... I had my pre-surgery appointment with my Dr on Thursday and he pretty much just went over the procedure with me again for the billionth time and told me what to expect. Then it was downstairs to the pre-admissions surgery department and they described how I am going to be taken care of, where we are going to go, what to expect, how long we will wait before surgery and everything like that.

I will let you know step by step what happens day of surgery, so its not a big mystery :)

So on a different note... my friend and I won first place costumes at a drag show last night... he was speed racer and I was Trixie, who looked like she ate speed racer :P with a cheap $5 wig, pink shirt/pants/shoes and a 20cent piece of felt shaped like an M, who can go wrong?

Words can not express how excited I am for surgery. I have gotten all my favorite foods out of the way this week so I dont have to worry about any last minute food regrets *lol* I also picked up at the store 2 cases of Ensure, 4 cans of beef broth, 4 cans of chicken broth, Popsicles and apple juice for my first week/2 weeks after surgery. I know the first week is clear liquid diet, so I dont plan on drinking the Ensure, only if I feel really malnourished, just to get some nutrition in my body.